The Premier Firearms Club In Rockford Illinois

Gun shooting, firearm training, places to shoot in Rockford and Loves Park Illinois, Illinois concealed carry permit classes. We have indoor shooting ranges and classes including NRA Basic Pistol Classes.

Join Us For Our Annual Funshoot & Free Cookout June 6th from 10am- 3pm

Cool targets to shoot on all ranges including some that go BOOM!  Bring the kids and family for a free meal and some good company. Watch the airshow!

Click anywhere here to RSVP.  We need to know how much stuff to order!



Junior Rifle Starting up for the fall! Get the kids involved!


Illinois Concealed Carry Vendors, See "Training" Above


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rangesPine Tree Pistol Club has three well ventilated clean ranges...



membershipOur member have access to the ranges 24hrs a day 7 days a week.


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